Vince Staples premieres his new hit series
“The Vince Staples Show”

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The Vince Staples Show

The Vince Staples Show (Official Trailer)

Heralded as the “greatest trailer of all time” by one tv watcher, Vince Staples brings the heat in his new show The Vince Staples Show. Catch the official trailer here.

Episode 1: So What?

In this award-winning episode of The Vince Staples Show, Vince Staples is asked to perform at Malia Obama’s 21st birthday party. In his quest to find an open barber shop, Vince katches more than just a fade.

Amazon Prime subscriber says “If Netflix doesn’t buy this show, Amazon should”

Episode 01: So What? | Soundtrack Version

He’s done it. Vince Staples has released a never-before-released version of his song. So What? SO give it a listen.

Episode 02: Sheet Music

In this award-winning episode of The Vince Staples Show, Vince Staples narrowly escapes a jealous women and seeks refuge at Ray J’s crib.

New York Times reader says “If this were a book, it would be a New York Times Best Seller”

Episode 02: Sheet Music | Soundtrack Version

Who needs sheet music, when you have Sheet Music? In releasing this special soundtrack episode, Vince says “You’re welcome.”

EPISODE 02: Sheet Music | Behind the Scenes

In this special Behind the Scenes clip from Episode 02 of The Vince Staples Show, Vince Staples takes us behind the scenes of episode 02 of the Vince Staples Show.

Episode 02: Sheet Music | Behind the Scenes 2

In this extra special Behind the Scenes clip from Episode 02 of The Vince Staples Show, Vince Staples takes us behind the scenes of episode 02 of the Vince Staples Show. Again.

Episode 02: Sheet Music | Behind the Scenes Recap

In this even more special Behind the Scenes recap clip from Episode 02 of The Vince Staples Show, Vince Staples takes us behind the scenes of episode 02 of the Vince Staples Show to show us what we missed by not being with him behind the scenes of the Vince Staples Show.


Vince Staples & Kash Doll Call In

Vince Staples talks with Joe Budden about how great his new label is… “you walk in the building you see a lot of braids, a lot of sweatsuits. It’s amazing, it’s beautiful, I feel like I’m in granny’s house”.

(My label chose this quote)

Snoop x Vince Staples

No topic is off limits.

47 Minutes: Vince Staples and Styles P

Joey Bada$$ and his co-host Nastee’s have a candid, unfiltered conversation with guests Vince Staples and Styles P about the state of hip-hop, the evolution of lyrical styles, spirituality vs. religion and more.

Vince Staples Interview (Coachella '18)

Vince Staples discusses his plans for removing all emissions from Long Beach and more.

Vince Staples Delivers Hot Takes While Eating Spicy Wings

Exactly what it says on the tin.

Vince Staples Gets Real & Uncensored w/ Ebro in the Morning

Vince Staples stops by Hot 97 to talk about the culture, his health history and people clowning Tyga, Lil Yachty and Lil Uzi Vert. Play the interview, not yourself.

Vince Staples Speaks On New Music, Respecting Bow Wow & Why Gangsta Lyrics Are Lame

Vince Staples gives insight on his thought process when making his music, and so much more.

Nardwuar vs. Vince Staples

Nardwuar interviews Vince Staples in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Vince Staples Goes Sneaker Shopping at ComplexCon

Ever wonder why Vince Staples wears Converse? Because a 13 year old kid made him feel like shit. Watch the interview to find out more.

Vince Staples Reviews Every F**king Health-Food Snack

Exactly what it says on the tin.

What's In My Bag?

See what Vince Staples buys when he goes shopping at Amoeba Music Los Angeles.

Vince Staples Gives Complex A Tour of Long Beach, CA

Vince Staples recalls some of the more violent events of his Long Beach upbringing, as evidenced by some of the harsh tales on his Hell Can Wait EP, he understands that there’s more to life than gang banging and repping for dead homies. He knows his history too, as he’s able to explain how a place like South Central got it’s name. Plus he’s keenly aware of the stereotypes of “the hood” and how rappers make it seem like their hometowns are battleground akin to Fallujah. So when Vince gave us a tour of his neighborhood in Long Beach, he didn’t want to just show off spots where people got killed (though he did show us that) but also places that had warm memories.

Our day starts off at his grandmother’s house, which is technically in Compton, as he recalls how his grandfather strived to own his own property. Afterwards, we head to a house he family lived in before it was taken away but still had fun times in. We also visited the spot where one of his homeboys was recently killed, as Vince recalls how his life became more dramatic in the summer of 2006 which is why his upcoming debut album is titled, Summertime ’06. We hit Ramona Park with his crew where Vince remembered the good times playing baseball but also spoke on the lack of opportunity in his community. And finally, we hit up producer Chuck Wun’s house, the spot where Vince’s music career began as he reflected on why he doesn’t want to just up and leave his neighborhood.


Vince Staples talks about if Bill Nye The Science Guy, KFC, PETA and more are overrated or underrated.

Earlier That Day (Episode 1)

Vince Staples spends a day with FADER ahead of his first headlining performance in NYC.

Official Videos

Rain Come Down

Will the rain ever come down? Watch to find out.


Google street view wasn’t ready for this video.


Smh Nate.

Blue Suede

Check out “Blue Suede” for a lesson in color theory.


Vince Staples hits the confession booth.

Screen Door

Who’s peeking in the screen door? Watch to find out.


This is some Black Mirror shit.

Norf Norf

What all is Vince willing to run from? Watch to find out.

Big Fish

Shout out to all the big booty fishes.

Lift Me Up

Watch this uplifting video for “Lift Me Up”.

Prima Donna

Is it real? Find out in this short film for “Prima Donna”.

Live Shows

"Trunk Rattle" at SXSW

Vince Staples x SXSW

Vince Staples performs “Trunk Rattle” in the best performance of his life.

"Blue Suede" at SXSW

Vince Staples x SXSW

Vince Staples performs “Blue Suede” in the best performance of his life.

'Jump Off The Roof' SXSW 2016 | NPR MUSIC FRONT ROW

Vince Staples x SXSW

Vince Staples performs “Jump Off The Roof” in the best performance of his life.

"Lift Me Up" at Primavera Sound Festival 2016 | GP4K

Vince Staples x Primavera Sound Festival

Vince performs “Lift Me Up” in the best performance of his life.


Vince Staples x SXSW

Vince performs ‘3230’ in the best performance of his life.

Boiler Room LA x GoPro Live Performance

Vince Staples x Boiler Room LA

Vince performs his music in the best performance of his life.


Vince Staples x NPR

Vince Staples performs “Norf Norf” in the best performance of his life.


Vince Staples x NPR Music

Vince Staples performs his music in the best performance of his life.

'Smile' Live on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Vince Staples x Jimmy Fallon

Vince Staples performs “Smile” in the best performance of his life.

'Señorita' SXSW 2016 | NPR MUSIC FRONT ROW

Vince Staples x NPR

Vince Staples performs “Señorita” in the best performance of his life.


Episode 01: Feels Like Summer

Imagine: Vince Staples in the sun and a floppy hat.

Episode 02: Outside!

Imagine: Vince Staples wearing plaid and hiking through a dense forest. He is living the quiet, self-reflective life of a lumberjack as he tries to find himself in the wilds of the mountain he calls home.

Episode 03: Don't Get Chipped

Imagine: Vince Staples eating chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven. He gets gooey chocolate on his fingers, but he doesn’t mind.

Episode 04: Relay

Imagine: Vince Staples is the star of his high school track team. His 100m relay time is the best in the nation. He wears a sweatband to keep his vision clear as he sprints towards his goals. He is the ideal student-athlete.

Episode 05: New earlsweatshirt

Imagine: Earl Sweatshirt has released a new song that Vince is really excited to listen to. He puts his earbuds in and hits play. He bobs his head along to the beat. It’s a good song. He smiles.

Episode 06: Run the Bands

Imagine: It’s a hot day in Los Angeles. Vince is sitting on his porch in the shade, fanning himself with a massive wad of $100 bills. He waves to the neighbors when they walk by. Every now and then he takes a sip of an ice cold glass of water.

Episode 07: FUN!

Imagine: Vince Staples is having fun.

Episode 08: No Bleedin

Imagine: Vince Staples giving you a fist bump.

Episode 09: Brand New Tyga (Interlude)

Imagine: Vince Staples and Tyga are shopping together at the local mall. Vince is looking for a nice shirt to wear to dinner with his mom. Tyga feels like it’s time for him to invest in a supple, handmade leather belt. They stop at a kiosk to try on sunglasses and compliment each other on their bone structure. After they’re done shopping, they stop at the food court for Panda Express. They show each other some memes. They leave for the day, satisfied with their purchases and their friendship.

Episode 10: [562] 453-9382

Imagine: Vince Staples orders a drink from you at the bar. He smiles and says thank you and when he closes his tab he leaves you a 25% tip. It’s a busy night, so by the time you clear away his glass, he’s gone. You notice he’s written something on his napkin and your heart skips a beat. It’s a number! In dismay, you realize the condensation from the side of the glass has run down onto the napkin and smudged some of the digits, making them illegible. You look around the bar but Vince is gone. You look back down at the ruined number and smile sadly. You spare a moment to think about the beautiful life the two of you could have shared if you’d been able to give him a call. Then you throw the soiled napkin away and get back to work.

Episode 11: Tweakin'

Imagine: Vince Staples bowling at your local bowling alley.

Big Fish Theory

Episode 01: Crabs In A Bucket

Episode 02: Big Fish

Episode 03: Alyssa Interlude

Episode 04: Love Can Be...

Episode 05: 745

Episode 06: Ramona Park Is Yankee Stadium

Episode 07: Yeah Right

Episode 08: Homage

Episode 09: SAMO

Episode 10: Party People

Episode 11: BagBak

Episode 12: Rain Come Down

Prima Donna

Episode 01: Let it Shine

Will Vince Staples and his massive head ever learn to Shine?

Episode 02: War Ready

Vince Staples and his massive cranium get ready for war.

Episode 03: Smile

Is Vince’s smile as big as his head???

Episode 04: Loco

One man. One giant head. Will he get through this song without going Loco?

Episode 05: Prima Donna

Vince’s large head is actually a visual representation of his even larger ego.

Episode 06: Pimp Hand

Respect sex workers.

Episode 07: Big Time

Is time larger than Vince’s head?

Summertime '06

Episode 01: Ramona Park Legend Pt. 1

Money. Music. Mystery. Murder. Mayhem. Don’t miss the epic series premier of Summertime ’06.

Episode 02: Lift Me Up

Reeling from the alarming truth about his second cousin, Kevin, Vince decides to blow off steam by hosting a barbecue for the kids in his neighborhood. But when an unexpected guest shows up, uninvited and unwanted, things get complicated. Will Vince be able to control the chaos, stop his neighbors snooping, and keep his perfectly seasoned steaks from burning?

Episode 03: Norf Norf

Shaken by the discovery that the sweet lady next door was actually a viscous serial killer, Vince decides he needs a weekend away. He turns off his phone, packs up the car, and hits the road. Destination: grandma’s house. But there’s a bumpy road ahead of him, with no shortage of twists and turns. Will he make it to Grandma’s in time for dinner?

Episode 04: Birds & Bees

Safe in Grandma’s kitchen at last, Vince finally has a chance to relax. Or so he thinks. Grandma has a to-do list for Vince and she’s checking it twice. Can Vince survive his relaxing weekend away?

Episode 05: Loca

Following the revelation that Vince is actually the grandson of an affluent French millionaire who has recently decided to legally acknowledge all surviving progeny as inheritors of his estate, Vince takes a long walk through his neighborhood, reflecting on what the sudden influx of wealth means for him.

Episode 06: Lemme Know ft. Jhené Aiko, DJ Dahi

When Vince headed to the shelter at the end of last week’s episode to adopt his new dog, Chico, he never thought he’d walk out with a date. Things are finally looking up for Vince—if he can control his nerves enough to hold up his end of the dinner conversation that is.

Episode 07: Dopeman ft. Joey Fatts, Kilo Kish

After the disastrous  events of their first date that left three men dead, Vince decides to take his new girl for a quiet day at the park.  Their idyllic picnic takes a turn for the worse when they run into Vince’s evil ex, and a mountain of hungry fire ants.

Episode 08: Jump Off The Roof

Vince, looking for a low-key hobby to distract from his now-ex-girlfriend’s heartbreaking betrayal, decides to start an Instagram account for Chico. But when Creative Pawtists Agency reach out to represent him, Vince is suddenly faced with the difficult choice of whether or not to subject his faithful pup to a life of stardom, Vince seeks out an old friend for advice, but their conversation raises more questions than it answers…

Episode 09: Señorita

Having narrowly avoided signing Chico up for a lifetime of servitude to CPA, Vince heads to the mini-golf course for a day of serious self-reflection. But when he catches a burglary in progress at the snack booth, his plans are put on the back burner.

Episode 10: Summertime

At the insistence of the thugs that captured him at the end of last week’s episode, Vince is taking on the Las Vegas casino scene. Forced to be the public face of their operation, Vince finds himself playing the highest-stakes game of poker the city has ever seen. Can Vince bluff his way to a win in order to earn his freedom and save Chico’s life? Don’t miss the explosive season finale of Summertime 06.

Summertime '06 | Season 2

Episode 01: Ramona Park Legend Pt. 2

Following the explosive events of season 1, which left Vince as the new kingpin of an infamous Las Vegas betting ring, Vince returns to Ramona Park and attempts to get some perspective.

What does the future hold for a man with more money than God? Will he find even more success than he already has? Will he withdraw all of his cash as $1 dollar bills and dump them into a pool so that he can drown his doubts and sorrows in money? Tune in to find out.

Episode 02: 3230

With the remains of his house burning behind him and his rivals running in fear, Vince and Chico set out on a new adventure. Along the way, Vince regales his faithful companion with stories of his life at 3230.

Episode 03: Surf ft. Kilo Kish

Having successfully fought his way out of the underground boxing ring, Vince ends up at the beach. Looking for a new challenge, Vince decides to try surfing for the first time. To his surprise, he’s a natural.

Episode 04: Might Be Wrong ft. Haneef Talib aka GeNNo, eeeeeeee

Thrust into global stardom as the greatest surfer of all time, Vince struggles to balance the demands on his time. But between the Vegas betting ring, surfing career, and managing Chico’s instagram presence, he’s starting to feel the stress. How much more can he take?

Episode 05: Get Paid ft. Desi Mo

Having decided to run for Governor, Vince turns his attention to running the greatest election campaign of all time. He uses the fortune from his French grandfather to put his face on every billboard in the state, and draws some unwanted attention.

Episode 06: Street Punks

Still recovering from the hard-won dance battle that saved his half-sister’s life, Vince and Chico set off on the campaign trail. At every stop, the crowd grows. Vince thanks them for attending by giving everyone a $100 bill and a chance to shake Chico’s paw.

Episode 07: Hang N' Bang ft. A$ton Matthews

On the run from the feds for trying to buy the election, Vince faces a unique struggle as he tries to keep a low-profile while also being one of the most famous surfers of all time. After a narrow escape from capture, Vince goes off the grid and catches up with an old flame.

Episode 08: Coldest Nigga Breathing

Vince is exhausted from his work with the traveling circus, and even though he knows he needs to keep moving in order to stay safe, he misses being able to catch a wave whenever the urge strikes. He wants to move on, but extracting himself from the carnival world might be harder than he thinks.

Episode 09: Like It Is

In exchange for having brought down the circus that was a front for an infamous kidnapping and trafficking ring, the feds agree to turn a blind eye on Vince’s unorthodox method of political campaigning. With his gubernatorial  dreams back on track, Vince and Chico return to the city for a final rally with his supporters before the polls close.

Episode 10: '06

In the season 2 finale, newly elected Governor Vince, his Vice Governor Chico, and their campaign team throw an epic block party to celebrate their victory. Is it the party of the month? No, it’s the party of ’06.

Hell Can Wait

Episode 01: Fire

In this episode, Vince Staples records the greatest song of all time. Some would even go so far to say it’s fire.

Episode 02: 65 Hunnid

In this episode, Vince Staples actually records THE greatest song of all time.

Episode 03: Screen Door

In this episode, Vince Staples records the song that is quite literally the greatest song of all time, far surpassing the greatness of all of the other songs ever recorded in human history.

Episode 04: Hands Up

Frankly, it’s cute that the other songs think that they’re the greatest song of all time. They’re not. This is.

Episode 05: Blue Suede

In this episode, Vince Staples records a great song, but have you heard Limos?

Episode 06: Limos

In this episode, Vince Staples records a great song, but have you heard Blue Suede?

Episode 07: Feelin' The Love

In this season finale, Vince Staples decides he’s tired of comparing his greatness to his other greatness. It’s time to hang up his hat, and just admit that all of his songs are the greatest of all time, because he is the greatest of all time. It wasn’t an easy road to get to this decision, but now that he’s here, he feels good about it. It feels right.

Stolen Youth

Episode 01: Intro

Your grandmomma’s hood on a sunny day…three toddlers have been taken hostage by an unidentified nun who’s been using the little boys to conduct a series of robberies.

Episode 02: Fantoms ft. Joey Fatts

Grab the money, grab the grape soda, and go.

Episode 03: Heaven ft. Hardo, Mac Miller

Any time is a good time to pray…or count money.

Episode 04: Guns & Roses

Text God and ask him why you’re tripping.

Episode 05: Back Sellin' Crack ft. Schoolboy Q

Meanwhile in the better part of town…famous actress Renee Allday decides to give her image a boost by adopting the boys and giving them traditional African names: Katumbo, Obama, and Tyrone. They’re from Cali.

Episode 06: Stuck In My Ways

Smoke and mirrors, Homie. Hollywood Rich ain’t worth shit.

Episode 07: Killin' Y'all ft. Ab-Soul

Hollywood darling Renee Allday has been kidnapped. Nobody knows who has taken her hostage, but the kidnappers are asking for a half a million dollars.

Episode 08: Thought About You

Ask for too much and you don’t get shit.

Episode 09: Sleep ft. Dash, Ab-Soul, Mac Miller

This really ain’t about you, Renee.

Episode 10: Outro

To be continued…